Clash of Clans Game Online Free

The battle begins, prepare your troops and begin the siege of enemy villages. Clash of Clans is a popular mobile game that is also available on PC in an emulator. Therefore, you can choose any platform and start developing your village. It is an interesting strategy for all ages that is up to becoming your favorite pastime.

In addition Clash of Clans, unite with your friends and play together. Also, in the process you can get acquainted with other users. To do this, you may use the chat to start interacting with the rest. Later, you have a chance to use the functionality to become an association.

Your Townships

Most often, to talk about their village, players use the level of the town hall, for example th10 base. Each building has the possibility of development and improvement. Therefore, you are capable of buying upgrades with which the guns have a possibility to be much more powerful. Also towers with archers are more accurate and shoot more arrows. And storage for elixir and coins will be much more capacious.

It is also necessary to build a fence around all structures to make it harder for attackers to break through further. Thus, while the enemies in Clash of Clans are busy with the fence, they are fired upon from cannons and crossbows. Therefore, think over the arrangement so that in the end your town is as impregnable as possible.

What is more, with each level you have a chance to open more structures for defense. Therefore, collect all available and move on to the planning stage. There are different layouts that have different purposes. It is possible for you to try everything that other users suggest seeing which one you like best.

Defense or Attack?

The gameplay Clash of Clans is based on the fact that you need to attack other players and destroy their structures. For this you receive trophies, which just the same affect your rating. In addition, it is worth noting that the rest may also arrange sieges on you. Therefore, you need to make such an arrangement in order to withstand the attack.

Moreover, you still have the opportunity to join alliances. Thus, sometimes there are events during which it is necessary to encounter other associations of players. In the Clash of Clans, you can also earn cups and advance in the standings. This way you are able to get a league after that. And just it determines what bonuses you are equal to receiving at the end of a grand battle.

By the way, the functionality allows you to set requirements for entry. Therefore, it’s not all that simple. Before joining Clash of Clans, you need to have the required number of trophies. Initially, you start with the Bronze League, but in the process you have the opportunity to reach the Champion.

Furthermore, it is possible for you to also come up with your own tactics and strategies for combat. Thus, you will be able to rise in the ranking thanks to good battles with opponents. And if you have a good alignment, then you are capable of getting off with minimal losses. Because if you are defeated, then you also lose a fairly large amount of resources. Therefore, take care of a good defense.